Superior Meeting Services is a Site Selection Company dedicated to helping it’s clients secure the best location, rates and concessions for their offsite Meetings & Conventions.

dxbjw_phototour-2Site Selection

One of the most time consuming steps in meeting planning is the tedious process of finding availability. Superior Meeting Services promises to save you time.Time is Money!

Typically this involves countless hours of research followed by countless hours of phone time. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand us your meeting specifications, a location or multiple locations and your budget and let us do the rest? In just 2-3 days we are able to conduct a full search of an area or areas to find you availability, and provide an availability report to you in a detailed yet easy to read spreadsheet. Let us do all the work, while you concentrate on other daily important tasks. Superior Meeting Services promises to save you time. Time is Money!

Around the World

Superior Meeting Services can search every hotel & resort in the U.S. as well as every hotel around the world! We can even assist you in finding the perfect cruise line.

Superior Meeting Services is not a representation firm that can only search a limited number of hotels & resorts. We are able to reach out to every single Hotel & Resort in the U.S. as well as every International location around the world. Superior Meeting Services can span the globe for your organization, saving you the time to research all the different choices in the world.


Are you a person who receives countless phone calls and solicitations? Are you overwhelmed with e-mail on a daily basis? No time to answer them all? Superior Meeting Services can free up your time!

While conducting our comprehensive searches, we are able to keep you and your organization confidential so you are not overwhelmed with all the phone and emails you normally receive when inquiring about a meeting. We will act as your “gate keeper” to free up even more time. Time is Money!

Rate Negotiation

With over 20 years of combined experience in hospitality sales, and experience conducting hundreds of searches, Superior Meeting Services will represent you.

Superior Meeting Services will be able to negotiate rates that are as good or better than most organizations will receive on their own. If Superior Meeting Services is able to obtain a rate that is as good or better than an organization will receive, but can save you hours of time doing all the work, AND it won’t cost you a single penny, isn’t it worth it to your organization to use Superior Meeting Services to save you all the time and headache?

Site Visit Services

Once you’ve narrowed down your top selections and are ready to “try before you buy”, Superior Meeting Services can set up every aspect of your site visit.

Superior Meeting Services can help you coordinate every aspect of your site visit from the time you leave your hometown until the time you return. Anyone who has ever set up a site visit knows how time consuming this can be. We can assist with all the details, saving you even more time.

phxdr_phototour_BContract Negotiation

With our proven history in hospitality sales and negotiating thousands of hotel contracts, we can help walk you through the complicated hotel sales agreement.

In addition to negotiating the best rates for your organization, Superior Meeting Services is highly skilled at negotiating terms such as Attrition, Cancellation, Upgrades and Concessions. We may even be able to add clauses to the agreement to further protect your organization. Superior Meeting Services can make sure your organization will be signing a fair document and save you the time and stress of this process.

After the Contract

Superior Meeting Services goes the extra mille for you!

After your sales agreement is signed, we can extend our research to help you find the area’s best Destination Management Companies and help you in obtaining bids for Transportation, Team building and Offsite Events, saving you even more time.